Boy Mom's Love Us Too!

Boy Mom's Love Us Too!

I started Housewife Essentials because I wanted a super girly, haute couture-looking wallpaper that didn’t exist, so I made it myself. I had no prior experience in the wallpaper industry (or the design world, for that matter!), so I was learning everything on the fly.

I quickly found that our patterns look completely different from one medium to the next, meaning that the original sketch does not look like the computerized version, which does not look like the flat paper version, which does not look like the on-the-wall paper version, and so on. The solution? Major testing. But of course, to test our papers, that meant I needed a lot of wall space, which is not that easy to come by when you have entire collections to test out before they go live.

Thankfully, my kids were willing to lend their walls for the cause! With two boys, my signature pink and purple patterns were not the household fan favorites, but this led me to double down on our blues, blacks, browns and creams.

At first, I felt like showcasing our blues was “off-brand” considering we were known for our 10+ pink patterns. But, it turns out, in a fact that will surprise no one, there are way fewer chic wallpaper options out there for boy rooms compared to girlier styles. What started as a departure from our signature aesthetic quickly evolved into a mission to fill a void in the industry.

The more and more I featured our blue wallpaper patterns, the more I would hear from fellow boy moms how appreciative they were for helping the cause! Boy moms reached out, thanking me for creating an alternative to the tired, clichéd options that dominated the market. This meant everything to me! 

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am so thankful that I get to connect with other moms all day long. While our conversations usually start around wallpaper, it’s hard to stay on topic when all anyone ever wants to do is talk about their kids!

And of course, here are some of my favorite blues that I have featured all over my own house, much to my boys and husband's approval! 

Royal Blue Plaid Wallpaper - a signature plaid, with an unmistakable cool factor

Not So Basic Blue Wallpaper - our chicest, most high-brow baby blue

The Blue Mix - a classic, preppy blue that is perfect for nurseries 


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