A Little Bit About Us

Couture Wallpaper Decals

Who We Are

Housewife Essentials is a luxury home goods store based in Detroit, dedicated to the pursuit of couture in all forms. We started with Chanel-inspired wallpaper and immediately launched into likeminded kitschy decor and accessories, designed to make you feel like you're strutting down Madison Avenue with a fresh bouncy blow out and your limited-edition Boy Bag in hand, every day of the week.

We give time-honored tweeds a modern twist, with patterns and colors your favorite couture house only dreams of.

All of our wallpapers are made with impeccable quality, designed to last longer than a Birkin, in styles that never go out of fashion.

Our signature wallpaper is made on premium matte paper, meaning they are smooth to the touch, despite looking like a three-dimensional piece of fabric. Some may say our texture is not a texture at all, but an optical illusion of sorts. We welcome this perspective, knowing that when applied to the walls, your eyes will swear you’re staring at a hearty woven fabric. Only when you get up close and personal will you see that the wallpaper right before you is, in fact, a paper. This is the magic of Housewife Essentials, where durability and quality meet the highest of design.

With that, we are endlessly inspired by the house of Chanel, legacy of Hermes and blueprint of Ralph Lauren.

Everything we offer is made lovingly in the USA.

And since everyone is always so curious, yes, our sister company is Just Nips For All, the leading breast cancer accessory on the market. 

Our Most Frequently Asked Question... Are Housewife Essentials wallpapers paper or fabric?

All our wallpapers are papers that are designed to look like fabric. This way, you get the look of luxury without all the upkeep. No pilling, pulling or high-maintenance here.

Instead, our papers are smooth to the touch, printed on premium matte paper that is easily washable, wipeable and oh-so-chic. Thanks for asking! 🎀