Housewife Essentials Presents: 2024 Design Trends

Housewife Essentials Presents: 2024 Design Trends

We’ve been keeping track of what the most esteemed designers in the industry have been stocking up on so far this year and one thing is for sure - the top designers are all investing in walls.

Some are going so far as to say they’re leaving bare walls behind for good, replacing good old white paint with tile for durability or perhaps adding more wallpaper for high design. Others are realizing that their clients aren’t as willing to spend as they were during the pandemic, so there’s a real need to find creative spacial updates that are not as expensive as a full gut renovation, but more stylized than a quick trip to West Elm. And it’s true, while we thought we were leaving Barbiecore behind in 2023, it turns out, that bright colors make you happy, and happy people… want to find more ways to liven up their dwellings in spaces beyond their powder rooms.

We were recently knee-deep in a comment section that was all about saying goodbye to white walls, with the major theme being that to some, bare walls feel unfinished. White paint feels “builder grade” instead of designer level, which to us, signals the start of the pendulum swinging back from the all white on white on white aesthetic splashed all over Instagram over the last few years. We love a texture moment here, or a neutral something-something, that gets the job done while looking expertly polished and not too busy. Our Neutrals Collection was designed for this very reason - to be the perfect wallcovering that is just the right amount of special to tie any space together, without committing to a crazy color scheme just for the sake of it. 

Another big trend we are focusing on is all about finances. While the urge to redecorate is still here, the willingness to spend is less so. We love setting our clients up for the long run, which is why we are thinking bigger picture while getting some of the heavy design lifting out of the way - think spending now on great lighting and wall coverings, and spending later on furniture and art. It’s much easier to add key pieces in later than it is to redo all your electrical, cut through the walls, and patch things up just to make a little update.

And finally, we are still (yes, still!) seeing the effects of Barbie halo pretty much everywhere. There is an overall understanding in the industry that pink is simply great and it turns out, people love bright, light, happy spaces (duh!). Needless to say, we are thrilled to see people finally catching on! 

When it comes to combining all three of the biggest trends of the year, we recommend looking at our Tonal Malachite wallpaper in Blush

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