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Tonal Boucle Wallpaper in Blush

Tonal Boucle Wallpaper in Blush

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Expertly designed for a sophisticated touch, our Tonal Boucle wallpaper in Blush is the perfect choice for adding a refined look to any room. The smooth paper and detailed boucle-inspired pattern create a timeless and elegant aesthetic in our chicest washed rose colorway. Elevate your space with this unique and stylish wallpaper, made on premium smooth paper for a timeless finish, without the hassle of adding a true textured boucle to your walls. 

How to Order:

  • All our patterns are sold by the panel. Each panel is 2 feet wide and comes in three standard lengths: 8, 9 and 10 feet tall. 
  • To determine how many panels to order, first measure the width of each wall. You will need one panel for every 2 feet, as each panel is 2 feet across. Then, determine which panel length corresponds with your ceiling height and order accordingly. 
  • Use the dropdown for easy ordering.
  • If your project requires taller panels, please reach out and we will create panels to your specifications. 
  • We always recommend ordering at least two extra panels to properly cover all light switches, vents and tricky corners. Additionally, installation mistakes happen and it is best to be prepared with at least two additional panels on hand to account for installation errors as well. 

Wallpaper Specifications:

  • All of our wallpapers are lovingly made in the USA on easily strippable, non-woven smooth wallpaper.
  • Everything we do is Class A safety-rated. 
  • We use non-toxic water-based inks that are safe for anywhere, including nurseries and hospitals.
  • We promise simple installation with easy-to-follow instructions included in every order.
  • Want to customize your order? Reach out here and a design specialist will get back to you shortly.

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